Yesterday’s Photoshoot

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I was delighted to host @corium101 on twitter yesterday for a photoshoot to give my new website an extra bit of polish and pizazz. Wow, did the boy do well.

We spent about half a day together with a frenzy of outfit changes. But the results speak for themselves. Here are a few of My favourites.


  1. Master, great website. I wished that when I was younger I would have had such an experienced Master help me get over the shame and sexual inhibition of my submissiveness to dominant alpha males… I will bookmark your site to visit.

    Sub paul

  2. oh my god!!!! a Real RUBBER MASTER, its rubberslave mouth quivers and drools in slave lust at the thought of Serving$$$ and Worshipping the MASTEROFSINS entire rubberbody while HE uses$$$ it without mercy.

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