Train with the Master of Sin

In addition to being a well-respected professional gay male Dominant, the Master also trains submissives, switch players, kink couples and other experienced Dominants.

Serve your superiors as an accomplished submissive.
Being a better switch player.
Develop as a Dom.
Learn how to play as a couple.

Why train with the Master of Sin?

With the experience of playing with over 1,500 submissives, the Master of Sin can support you with learning how to make the most out of your kinks inside and outside of your relationships. He will use guided learning and practical coaching to help you explore and develop in whichever role you choose to play.


Become a better servant and enjoy the process of learning


Learn how to control your partners with authority and authenticity


Add a kink dimension to your relationship and experience true kink joy


Discover the route to effective switching and ensuring everyone’s needs are met

Submissive Training

Serving a Dominant is easy, right? You just drop to your knees, hands behind the back and open wide. While being a submissive can seem like the easiest thing in the world, in reality it requires the suspension of almost every one of our self-preservation instincts. Even if you desperately want to be the perfect servant, so many of our thoughts and feelings counteract with our ability to be ‘perfect’.

Ultimately, being a great submissive is about learning to let go, to trust your Dominant partner and also to surrender all those self-preservation instincts. Anything thoughts or feelings can bubble up to the surface when you are ‘subbing’ so how do you learn to cope with those feelings and perform as you would wish to in your darkest submissive fantasies. Through guided learning, you will spend your time with the Master understanding and then practicing the skills he teaches you. Throughout the training session, you will have hands-on time with the Master.

Session Content

• Difference between slaves and submissives
• Learning to serve: Basic Skills
• Being Better: Intermediate Skills
• Embracing Excellence: Advanced Skills
• Dealing with Challenging Scenarios – Physical
• Dealing with Challenging Scenarios – Mental
• Putting it all into Practice: Session with the Master

Dominant Training

You are in the driving seat. In charge. What do you have to learn? Everything. Being the Dominant in a kink scene means you are responsible for everything. Your sub’s mental and physical well-being, technical execution of the scene, the level of risk you both sign-up to and everything in between. It’s a huge responsibility and that can sometimes make it less than fun.

Now you may be sitting there, reading this and thinking that is absolutely ridiculous: I am having everyone of My sexual needs met, what’s not to like? In reality, before you can give yourself permission to enjoy the scene you need to make sure you take every step to safeguard yourself and your sub(s) from harm – that means exploring everything from pre-scene negotiation to post-scene aftercare. Through guided learning and hands-on coaching, you will practice your current Dominant skills and shown tips and tricks to become even better.

Session Content

• What does it really mean to be in charge?
• Your role and responsibilities
• How to focus on the task at hand
• Making your subs work for you
• Different kinds of Dominant: Service Top, Sensual, Sadist, and so on
• The Basics of Being in Charge
• Defining your Dominant Personality
• Advanced Techniques – Playing the role like a Pro
• Putting it all into practice: Session with the Master

Switch Training

In the world of kink, there is a shortage of Dominant partners. But don't despair, many people have found a route through this by 'switching' with their partner. In practical terms, this means one partner playing the Dom and one partner playing the sub, even if both partners consider themselves totally or primarily, sub.

There are multiple ways to switch: inside a single scene or separated by a day, a week or however long it takes before you play again. There are, however, ways to make the most of each scene so that both partners enjoy each scene - regardless of the role they are playing.

The key to effective switching is excellent, open communications before, during and after the scene. Expectations need to be set with care and adhered to. Patience is the watchword and perseverance is the key. You need to be prepared for when some scenes simply do not work as anticipated or cause you to question other aspects of the partnership. The other complicating factor can be when two switch partners are looking for different types of Dominant behaviours and want to play with a certain kind of submissive mindset. So yes, switching can be a minefield and in truth, it's not really a role in the way that submissive and Dominant are clear roles in the BDSM scene.

Session Content

• Having the discussion
• Exploring different approaches to switching
• The switch equation
• Ensuring reciprocation
• Making sure everyone comes away happy
• Dealing with difficulties
• Designing a shared scene
• Sensual kink for switching couples
• The Revenge approach
• Putting it all into practice: Session with the Master

Couples Training

When you find a willing (or at least open-minded partner) to help you explore your kinks, it can feel like you have won the kink lottery. Kink can deepen, expand and enrich an already amazing relationship and it can take you both to new heights. But this does require energy and effort to get right. In this course, designed exclusively for couples, I will teach you both how to make the most of this new dimension to your coupling. There is a difference between a theoretical acceptance of kink in a relationship and the reality of putting that acceptance into practice, however.

So how can you add an additional and potentially highly disruptive element into your relationship without blowing what you have out of the water? For some couples, it can be easy, for most it’s actually a serious challenge. Especially when one partner is keener on kink than the other. If you spend your time doing most things together (essentially being a couple), asking each other to perform a Dominant or submissive role can feel weird, alien and a little worrying at times. And, when things go wrong, you to have a way of reviewing your play to make it better each time. How you can you maximise the positives and reduce the possibility for negatives when you play with someone that you already know deeply.

Session Content

• Having the discussion
• How prepared are you for what comes next?
• Assessing your comfort levels
• Playing nice: going slowly
• Playing nasty: amping it up
• Practical tips for adding the kink dimension
• Designing a shared scene
• Sensual kink
• Putting it all into practice: Session with the Master

The value of an expert BDSM perspective.

One of the joys of kink is that you can start anywhere and keep learning for a lifetime.

While this process of discovery can be very exciting, it can also be frustrating. Working with an experienced Dominant can help you navigate away from the many pitfalls of every BDSM role.

There are many books on how to participate in a great BDSM scene, but books cannot listen to your concerns or feedback on your questions.

The Master is an excellent listener and will help address all the key questions you need addressed to be effective switches.

With all the best will in the world, when you exercise your kinks, you will almost certainly encounter challenges that would not happen in a vanilla situation.

Working with the Master in practical sessions will help you steer clear of some of the common traps and make the most of every session.