Kernow Gimp: Rediscovering himself

The Kernow Gimp came to Me as a somewhat lonely and lost man; I hope he would not mind Me saying that. He had been in a relationship with a woman despite being gay for many years and had, sadly, inherited somewhat of a carer role for his wife because she ended up with some significant disability issues.

Paying My fees requires a significant investment in saving money for the Kernow Gimp, but he has been a regular ‘like clockwork’ visitor to Me for over a year. During his time with Me, he has developed the confidence to come out and I was honoured to help him through the process of first of all telling his brother that he was gay and then being more comfortable with being out himself – from both a sexuality and kink perspective.

We have now played on many occasions and the Kernow Gimp self-identifies as one of My subs. He has grown as a submissive and can now take on increasingly strenuous and challenging forms of BDSM activities.


Please excuse the letter, I expect a sub has never sent you one before, but I wanted to say more than an email or whatsapp messages worth.

I wanted to say a massive thank you for a fantastic weekend. It truly was something I never expected. I did not message much beforehand this time because I truly wanted to hand over control to you, not knowing what to expect. The Citadel is incredible.

I found myself craving again when you led me across the yard collared, gagged, mitted and ignored while being cropped then again under your feet in the barn. This I want again; you don’t know how good that felt to me. Thank you so much for letting me wear the catsuit: another wish fulfilled.

I found myself relishing the scenes in the bondage chair; everything about that was brilliant. I always wanted to try the winching, the Tower of Pain and you know how much I love nipple clamps and ball weights! Being strapped to the punishment board with the fogged out goggles at times scared the crap out of me, but the orgasm was the best ever.

Respectfully yours, Sir.