New website for a new playspace

In News by MasterofSin

I am really pleased and proud to launch the new website for the Master of Sin.

Unlike My previous websites, I’ve really concentrated on giving you the best view I can (bearing in mind all the legal restrictions) of what it would be like to meet and session with Me in person.

On the home page, you will see an overview of who I am, the services I offer and My rates. 

To mark the opening of the new space, I have also just finished putting together a detailed (7.5 minute) video tour of The Citadel, My new playspace. You can also find this on the homepage. This should reassure you about the kind of experience you can expect with Me and also how well equipped the space is.

Along with all the images, you will also find a detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, which aims to address all the common questions I am asked ahead of booking a session.

Elsewhere on the site, you will see more detailed pages about:
The Citadel

And you can also watch a few videos, here, although again, I have to be selective about what I show because of the local legal restrictions.

Finally, you can also go directly to My online booking page if you already know you want to book time with Me. You can find that, here: