Meet the Master of Sin.

A creative gay male Dominant with decades of experience, unbeatable gear and an iron will. You will serve. You will obey. You will be grateful.

Worship Him.
Serve Him.
Submit to Him.

Who is the Master of Sin?

The Master is not your average professional Dominant. He has a professional, award-winning career and is an engaging, thoughtful and creative person to spend time with inside and out of the dungeon. He is part hard taskmaster and compassionate confessor. Clients tell Him that He has transformed their lives inside and outside of kink.


Suffer at His hands


Lick His boots


Obey His commands


Liberating kink experiences

What does the Master enjoy? Here's an A to Z list of His kinks for you to browse. Please do remember that these are always and only ever fantasy scenarios. Every possible precaution is taken to ensure that your experience is a fun and safe one whatever session you decide to undertake.


You can never turn your back on the Master of Sin. He is playful, devious, cunning and will anticipate your every move. If you are bratty, he will tame you. If you are disobedient, he will punish you. There will be no escape. You will enjoy his games. You will doubt your sanity at times but you will leave feeling more alive than you ever have before.


The Master is aroused by your suffering for Him. He wants you to please Him and in doing so, please yourself. Your only mission is to serve Him. Your life goal is to supplicate yourself in front of Him. There is no point denying this any more. You know what you are. The question now is just what will you do about it? Will you continue to deny yourself His exquisite pleasures?


Many people offer themselves up as experienced Dominants. They make claims that cannot be substantiated. The Master is as real as it gets. He can prove His capabilities. He can demonstrate His skills. Be in no doubt, He offers something quite different and very special. His experience really does speak for itself.


The watchword in kink is that every session should be safe, sane and consensual. I operate to the highest levels of hygiene, safety and privacy to ensure that you can relax, have fun and know that you are completely safe. With over 1,500 successful session under His belt, you know you will be looked after even when you are serving the Master.

How He works.

1Booking. You can book time with the Master by Clicking on the Bookings link or by choosing the Bookings menu item at the top of this webpage. Once your booking is received by the Master, He will respond with costs and deposit requirements.

Please note all deposits are non-refundable to eliminate time-wasters.

2 Questionnaire. Ahead of meeting the Master, He will send you a detailed Questionnaire to assess who you are as a submissive or slave. It is a detailed survey of your likes, your dislikes, your fears and your fantasies. This will then be run through when you arrive at His Chambers.
It is important that you answer every part of the Questionnaire honestly.

3 Arrival. As you soon as you arrive, you will meet the Master and the matter of His tribute will be settled. You will then be asked to prepare yourself for the session. Please make sure you are adequately refreshed before you arrive. He will will go through your Questionnaire

Please make sure you arrive on time.