The Master of Sin.
A Professional Dominant for a more discerning clientele.

The Master of Sin is a professional Dominant like no other.

He is a lifestyle Master and the force behind the Society of Sin; a stable of eager submissives. He is an expert in offering Domination sessions that test and challenge submissives to go up to their current limits and even sometimes beyond.

The Master works out of a custom-made 1,000 square foot converted barn based on two floors separated by a spiral staircase. Great thought has been put into creating a location that matches the Master's skills and experience.

The people that meet the Master often feel great pride in what they have endured - whether mentally, physically or both. The Master does not need to raise His voice; he does not need to wield his many implements of punishment and correction.

A stare into his cold blue eyes tells any sub or slave that he is NOT to be trifled with.

The Master

The Master’s Services.


Tight. Inescapable. Precise. Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. The Master understands and employs them all.

Sub & Dom Training

The Master offers a variety of training options for submissives, switches and Dominants that want to gain new skills and try out new ways to play with their partners.

Mental Domination

Control without violence. Obedience without hurt. You will want to obey him. Using NLP and hypnosis, the Master will bend your mind to His will.

Physical Control

A forceful presence never to be debated or argued with. You will follow. You will submit to the Master’s strong and domineering physical presence.

  • Additional offers available! Contact the Master for special promotional pricing for regular clients.
  • Need to save up for a session with the Master? Why not contact Him about setting up an interest-free payment plan? You pay the Master in instalments until your session is fully paid for and then you can book your slot without worry.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions apply. Contact the Master for details.

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East Leicestershire, United Kingdom
By train: One hour from London to Leicester
By car: 2 hours (close to M1)
Airports: East Midlands and Birmingham

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